Our curriculum is modeled after the Montessori method of learning.  Every classroom is mixed age, 2 ½ – 5 years old. We provide a variety of activities which meet an array of educational needs; such as building cognitive development, developing fine and gross motor skills, language acquisition and social / emotional development.  Every child has an individualized learning plan, so no matter what age or skill level, we can meet the needs and help build success.  There are seven different areas we focus on when planning our curriculum and creating a rich environment.

  • Fine Motor activities stimulate the muscles in the fingers and hands which contribute to early writing skills.
  • Gross Motor activities stimulate the large muscles in the body which is important to overall health and muscle development.
  • Sensory activities that appeal to all five senses help encourage natural world and science discoveries building curiosity for a life of learning.
  • Creative and Art activities allow students to explore creative expression. The process of creating is more important than an eye appealing finished product.
  • Pre-reading & Pre-Math skills are learned through participating in all activities but are focused with puzzles, blocks, games, sorting, reading, singing etc.
  • Dramatic Play time is important to growing social skills as preschoolers discover freindships and engage in cooperative play.

It is our goal to observe and take every teaching opportunity as each child is ready.